MAGNAFOLATE® --Benefits in Pregnancy 

"One of the best things you can do to ensure a healthy baby is to make sure you are eating a healthy diet, with plenty of folate-rich foods, before you get pregnant," says Bethany Thayer, M.S., R.D., director of wellness programs and strategies at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.


Study shows that folate plays a vital role in healthy pregnancy.

The Department of Health recommends that women should take a daily supplement of 400 micrograms of folate while they are trying to conceive, and should continue taking this dose for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, when the baby's spine is developing. 


The supplements including Magnafolate® would be a safe choice with good potence and absorbency. For more benefits, please refer the details as below.

※ Benefit for baby


One main clinical function of folate could prevent Fetal neural tube defects, Fetal growth retardation and Neonatal low birth weight, etc.


Further, a large number of studies confirmed that intake folate supplementation during pregnancy can reduce the risk of fetal malformations significantly, such as cleft lip and palate, congenital heart disease, urinary system deformity, limb shortage, umbilical bulging, and anus atresia.


Magnafolate® is availablefor all kinds of pregnant women, even if for the MTHFR C667T genotype. It will be good to birth a healthy baby.


Hence, folate is important for a healthy baby. 

※ Benefit for pregnant woman


Magnafolate ® have two strong benefits for pregnant women.

It could prevent depression and reduce the melanin deposit.


Meanwhile, it will prevent the hypertension of pregnancy, Megaloblastic anemia and Placental abruption, reduce pregnancy reaction and promote lactescence. Magnafolate ®

Magnafolate® as a new generation of folate supplements, compared with traditional synthetic folic acid, can effectively avoid the genetic polymorphism caused by folate metabolic disorders, directly absorbed by the body, thus applicable to all. It is the only way to strengthen folate, especially for people at high risk of folate metabolism.