C-effect is created by us Lianyungang Jinkang Hexin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

It refers to the ability could supplement the material loss in medium by improving particle size distribution to receive better solution and surface activity composite effect..

Such C-Effect could improve the bioavailability obviously.

It’s been approved three patents: a technology patent, a compound patent and a safe use patent.


Magnafolate ® own such good property C-effect with an excellent size distribution and admirable surface behavior as Figure 1 and Figure 2.

Further, such C-effect crystalline methylfolate could well bind its molecules from oxygen and other erosion with the lattice energy.

Also, it makes absorption easier reaching dissolution equilibrium quickly in Figure3.

Figure1: Particle Distribution of Magnafolate®


Figure 2: Particle Distribution of other folate


Conclusion: Magnafolate® shows an excellent particle distribution which is narrow and symmetrical.

Figure 3: Dissolution rate of Magnafolate® VS other brand folate


Conclusion: Magnafolate® has the high solution concentration and could reach the peak in less than 10 seconds.