Six advantages of Calcium Salt of L-5-MTHF:

Calcium salt has around 1.5times higher free folate 89.0%-95.9%(dry basis) compared to glucosamine salt;

Calcium salt can be made to be a real stable crystalline;

The calcium ion provides an appropriate solubility, which is an important factor as food and feed ingredients and for the consumer of supplements and food products. If the solubility was too low, the bioavaiability of methylfolate will be reduced. If the solubility was too high, the stability will decrease. The solubility of calcium salt in water is about 1% which could balance well both the demand of solubility and stability;
Calcium ion is suitable to all kinds of people including some special community, like diabetics and patients who are taking vanillin type coagulant;
Double nutrition: both methylfolate and calcium ion ;

Calcium salt is more easily absorbed than glucosamine salt since it’s easy to across cell membrane.