Importance of folate
- Aug 22, 2017 -

IMPORTANCE OF FOLATE                                                                                                       

※ One-carbon metabolism                                                                                       

Folate will take part in one-carbon metabolism. 

The only function of folate coenzymes in the body appears to be in mediating the transfer of one-carbon units [1]. 

Folate coenzymes act as acceptors and donors of one-carbon units in a variety of reactions critical to the metabolism of nucleic acids and amino acids Figure1[2].

Figure1: One-Carbon metabolism overview


※ Nucleic acid metabolism

As one of the necessary substances for cell growth and division, folate plays an important role in the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids. 

It participates in the synthesis of purine and thymine, and further synthesize DNA and RNA.

※ Amino acid metabolism

It acts as carrier of one-carbon unit in the process of conversion between glycine and serine, histidine and glutamic acid, also between homocysteine and methionine.

※ Synthesis of hemoglobin and methyl compounds

Participate in the synthesis of hemoglobin and methyl compounds, such as adrenaline, choline, creatine, etc.


※ Reference

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