Dr.Cheng and his team started the project of L-methylfolate study from 2007 and applied more than 50 kinds of patents until now. How to get the most safety and high bioavailability folate is our vision.

To improve safety grade, our team did the jobs following:

● Make Process flow carefully

Unlike other kinds of L-Methylfolate in the market, we deducted several high risky raw material like Formaldehyde, benzylamine and lead salt etc in our process. As proved it's great important to improve safety grade via such new route.

● Study the impurity Systematically.

Confirm two kinds of harmful imputiries and control their content strictly.

● Develope a new Crystallization method and get more pure L-methylfolate .

With the unique C crystal form, Magnafolate ® has more narrow and uniform particle size distribution and then higher solubility, easier to absorb.  Further, it’s chemically stable under room temperature for 36months, which is a great improvement.

The pre-clinic study shows Magnafolate® is actual non-toxic, without LD50 been inspected. The MTD (Maximum tolerance dose) is more than 15g/Kg. It means no matter how much the dosage is, the tested animals will not feel sick or even die. Undoubtly, it's a significantly leap.