Advantages And Disadvantages Of Folic Acid
- Aug 23, 2017 -

  Advantages and Disadvantages of Folic Acid

  The role of folic acid

  1. Effective prevention of fetal neural tube defects

  Many mothers have not yet figured out what the nerve tube is, simply, the neural tube is the spinal cord and brain. Fetus in the early development of the mother's time, the need for the development and closure of the neural tube, if the amount of folic acid is not enough, it will cause abnormal neural tube closure, resulting in infant congenital malformations, such as encephalopathy, no brain, mental retardation, Split and so on. US Centers for Disease Control study found that women in the first 1 month of pregnancy and just 3 months pregnant, adhere to 400 micrograms of folic acid every day, you can make the baby suffering from neural tube defects by 50% to 70%.

  2. Effective prevention of fetal congenital disease, cleft lip and palate and other deformity

  The first three months of pregnancy, is the formation of placenta and baby organs of the important period of differentiation, at this stage of the baby's cell division in a strong stage, if the lack of folic acid in pregnant women, will lead to the emergence of the baby cardiovascular, bones, lips, eyes, Deformity, that is, our common cleft lip and palate, congenital heart disease and so on. Peking University, a study shows that adequate intake of folic acid can effectively prevent the emergence of abnormal symptoms of the baby, reduce neonatal mortality.

  3. Reduce pregnancy response

  Some mothers said that after taking folic acid, pregnancy response to reduce the phenomenon of reduced vomiting, breast pain relief. In fact, as a member of the vitamin B group, folic acid can not only reduce the early pregnancy reaction, but also to add nutrients due to vomiting and loss of nutrients.

  4. to prevent pregnant women and fetal anemia

  There are many mothers during pregnancy during the symptoms of anemia, which is mainly due to the baby in the mother's body, because of the growth needs will "snatch" the mother's serum iron, if the maternal folic acid content is insufficient, it will form anemia. Long down, the baby because of maternal anemia caused by hypoxia, severe cases can lead to premature birth or even the consequences of stillbirth. And the mother is also easy to form anemia due to anemia poisoning, uterine contraction during childbirth fatigue, poor recovery of poor postpartum resistance and other undesirable phenomena. In addition, folic acid is also mainly involved in the synthesis of red blood cells, so add enough folic acid can effectively prevent pregnant women and fetal anemia.

  5. Promote the baby's nervous system development

  Folic acid on the baby's DNA production and the formation of the placenta has a great role in promoting the mother to get enough folic acid, can effectively promote the fetal nervous system development.

  6. Reduce the risk of preeclampsia in pregnant women

  What is preeclampsia? It is a woman in the baby during the period is very easy to suffer from a high blood pressure disease, add enough folic acid can reduce the risk of suffering from the disease.

  7. Other effects

  In addition to the positive role of pregnant women and fetuses, it also has a significant effect on the prevention of chronic heart disease, cervical cancer and breast cancer, Alzheimer's disease.

  Folic acid side effects

  Folic acid side effects are not large, but if too much intake will be adults and children will have a negative impact:

  1. affect the absorption of zinc

  Long-term excessive use of folic acid, it will interfere with the absorption of zinc on the mother, once zinc intake is insufficient, it will affect the baby's normal development, leading to fetal congenital dementia, and even low birth weight children.

  2. Cover vitamin B12 deficiency

  Excessive use of folic acid also makes it difficult for doctors to detect the body of vitamin B12 content, resulting in the baby's nervous system was hurt.

  3. Increased nausea and vomiting

  Excessive use will also allow mothers appetite to decline, abdominal distress uncomfortable, and even increase the phenomenon of nausea and vomiting.

  4. induce seizures

  If people with seizure disorders overdose, it will lead to anticonvulsant drugs is difficult to play will effect, once again lead to seizures.