Chinese Magnafolate Can Be Trusted
- Apr 19, 2018 -

Jinkang  paid more than 10 years to do a deep research on Magnafolate.

And then make a breakthrough on  safety, bioavailability and application. Until now, we have applied more than 50 patents of invention covered in US, European, Austrlia, Japan,etc. 

Since the good quality and our insist, more and more international US companies select Magnafolate as their folate source.

We are well approved the aduit via many big Medical food manufactures from US, European and Austrlia.

You will find more and more brands using Magnafolate in the near future. 

Another good news, we are exciting to share with you that we will publish  our research findings in some top magzines located in US and European from the second half of this year.