Folic Acid Tablets When To Eat The Best
- Aug 23, 2017 -

  Folic acid tablets when to eat the best

  Chinese Nutrition Society 2007 "Chinese residents dietary guidelines" that women of childbearing age should be 3 months before the start of daily supplementation of folic acid 400 micrograms, and continued until the entire pregnancy. Because the level of folic acid in women, not after treatment can rise in the short term.

  Pregnant women lack folic acid may be diarrhea, no appetite, weight loss, may also be weak, sore throat, headache, rapid heartbeat and irritability and so on. May also lead to changes in skin color, or increase the skin has changed the status quo.

  folic acid has side effects?

  First of all, it is important to understand that folic acid is usually no side effects. At present, the biggest problem taking folic acid is not the problem of folic acid side effects, but folic acid taking excessive problems.

  Folic acid is a water-soluble vitamins, generally less than 20 times the minimum requirement of adults will not cause poisoning. Where the amount of excess folic acid is discharged from the urine.

  However, if the human body taking large doses of folic acid tablets may also be toxic. At present, pre-pregnancy women generally take 400 micrograms per day can be, specifically, should be all kinds of folic acid tablets of the instructions shall prevail.