Magnafolate® Is Chemically Stable For 36 Months Under Room Temperature With Stability Report Avaliable
- Dec 13, 2017 -

Lianyungang Jinkang Pharmaceutical Technology CO.,LTD as a top professional manufacture for L-methylfolate Calcium researched the unique C crystal form L-5-MTHF Ca sucessfully in 2012. 

We've been proceeding and making breakthrough step by step.

By now,we'd like to share such exciting good news that we've finished the 36months stability report. The result shows Magnafolate® C can be stable enough for 36months under room temperature. 

Such good stability will bring us much easier storage condition.

We will not be troubled by the harsh storage conditions for methylfolate anymore by using our Magnafolate®. This is undoubtedly a major breakthrough in the history of the development of active methylfolate. 

We are keen to excavate the advantages of Magnafolate®.

Sure, we will share more and more good news with you.