Perfect Substitute For Natural Folate
- May 03, 2018 -

Magnafolate® a kind of C crystal L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium,which was researched by Lianyungang Jinkang Hexin Pharmaceutical CO.,LTD. We have two kinds of patents.  

Crystal from patent:Crystal form of (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate salt and method for preparing same.This patent is the premise of product industrialization, and the prerequisites for entering the overseas market.    Safe usage Patent:Composition comprising (6S)-5-methyl tetrahydrofolic acid or salt thereof, and preparation and use thereof.  This patent provides Magnafolate of higher purity and protects the preparation method thereof.   

With the unique C crystal form, Magnafolate® enjoys high bioavailable, excellent stability last for 36months under room temperature,purer and safer. We can make the purity reaches to 100%. It's the perfect substitute ingredient for natural folate.For more details, welcome jion us.