Potential Risk Consumers Of L-Methylfolate
- Apr 16, 2018 -

L-5-Methylfolate Glucosamine salt  is widely used as a folate source in dietary supplements nowdays.

However, as a kind of Glucosamine salt, it is limited using for some special consumers.

For example, consumers with diabetes or glucose intolerance should be advised to seek medical advice before consumption as declared in its approval documents.

The potential risk groups can be identified e.g. persons with impaired glucose tolerance, taking coumarin anticoagulants, which cardiovascular disease or pregnant and lactating women, children and adolescents. 1

What’s more, The European Food Safety Authority confirms BfR risk assessment

"Food supplements containing glucosamine also pose a health risk for patients taking coumarin anticoagulants" and "Glucosamine can amplify the anti-blood clotting effects of drugs and thus lead to haemorrhages."2

In addition, glucosamine salt is always extracted from the chitin of shellfish3.

The person who is sensitive to prawn, crab or iodine food, like kelp allergy should be cautious before consuming.

Until now, no toxic side effects and limited consumers regarding to L-5- Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium salt is reported. It’s widely used more than 16years in the market. And then, with the excellent C crystal form, Magnafolate® is suitable applicable to all kinds of people.


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