Pregnant Women How To Scientifically Add Folic Acid
- Aug 23, 2017 -

  Pregnant women how to scientifically add folic acid

  1. when to take folic acid?

  Folic acid supplementation is the critical period of early pregnancy (3-6 weeks), so 3 months before pregnancy to 3 months after pregnancy to adhere to not less than 400 micrograms of folic acid per day. In the case of conditions permit, it is best to insist on taking the appropriate amount of folic acid throughout pregnancy The best in the morning or morning, after eating breakfast folic acid, absorption better.

  2. How much folic acid you eat every day?

  Data show that the amount of folic acid contained in the human body is 5-6 milligrams, and the way people take folic acid is mainly absorbed from food. Expert advice is that the general recommendation of the daily amount of 400 micrograms of women, pregnancy and pregnancy recommended daily recommended amount of 600-800 micrograms. Of course, there are many mothers through the folic acid tablets to pick up, but before this must consult a doctor to take daily dose, the rational use of folic acid tablets, it is recommended to use drugs and tonic combination of scientific way to intake.

  3. folic acid should be how to make up?

  Through the food to add folic acid, we should pay attention to reduce the loss of folic acid. Many folic acid-containing foods are losing their activity when they are strong, and if they are soaked in salt, they will lose 65% of the folic acid. After 2-3 days of storage, the vegetables will lose more than 50% Of the folic acid; cooking time longer, the food folic acid will gradually disappear. Therefore, the prospective mother must pay attention to reduce cooking time, change cooking habits, effectively prevent the loss of folic acid. And each meal to keep the amount of food in a bowl to a bowl can be, in order to ensure a balanced nutrition, you can also choose to eat vitamin tablets, folic acid tablets to further strengthen.

  4. prospective father also need to add folic acid

  According to a foreign study, folic acid can affect the quality of male sperm, and even affect the health of newborns. The study found that the higher the intake of folic acid in men, the higher the quality of sperm, the probability of occurrence of sperm abnormalities the lowest probability. If the male body folic acid content is not up to standard, it will lead to abnormal chromosomal chromosomes, a direct impact on the health of newborns, such as the emergence of Down syndrome, and even lead to female abortion. Therefore, prospective fathers have to do a daily supplement of folic acid, with the mother to give birth to a healthy baby.

  5. Avoid serving with alcohol

  The body's absorption of folic acid is very susceptible to alcohol, alcohol will be included in the human body folic acid, so that the intestinal tract is difficult to absorb folic acid, in addition to some drugs such as aspirin, antacid stomach and estrogen drugs will affect the body The absorption of folic acid, mothers should pay more attention.