When To Add Folic Acid
- Aug 23, 2017 -

  When to add folic acid

  1. Three months before the start of folic acid supplementation

  China Nutrition Association suggested that from the first 90 days of pregnancy can begin to add folic acid, to ensure that the body's folic acid level maintained at a certain level for the baby to do the preparation of folic acid, so that the baby early in a folic acid in a sufficient environment growing up.

  The fetus began to develop the neural tube four weeks before the mother's body, and when the pregnant woman realized that she was pregnant, the fetus's neural tube development had long been closed, so it was too late.

  2. Supplements folic acid need to continue throughout pregnancy

  3 months before pregnancy and 3 months after pregnancy, this half a year is a key time to add folic acid. Even if you take folic acid tablets in a timely manner, can not make the body of folic acid content within a short time to improve rapidly, it is recommended that folic acid supplement should continue throughout the pregnancy. With the growth and development of the baby in the mother, the mother's own growth of red blood cells, breast changes, the baby's DNA generation, placental formation requires a lot of folic acid. If the folic acid content is insufficient, it will cause fetal malformations, premature birth, growth retardation, etc., and pregnant women will appear placental abruption, erythrocyte anemia, pregnancy-induced hypertension and other symptoms, can be said to adults and babies have a great impact.

  3. Morning supplement folic acid better

  Studies have shown that women in the morning or morning supplement folic acid better, because the body during the day the body metabolism faster, the morning is the best time to absorb nutrients. Recommended in the 30 minutes to 1 hour after breakfast to add folic acid, while paying attention to drink plenty of water, pay attention to rest.