Which Foods Contain Folic Acid
- Aug 23, 2017 -

  Which foods contain folic acid

  Want to increase the amount of folic acid in the body? When a eat on it! Folic acid is mainly distributed in the five categories of root, vegetables, meat, fruit, oil and other five categories.

  1. grain of rhizome

  Including some soy products such as soybeans, as well as cereals, such as barley, wheat, etc., there are popular hot nuts, such as hair chestnuts, pine nuts, walnuts and so on. The same time as

  2. Vegetables

  Vegetables family is undoubtedly the best color, such as aloe vera, green coconut flowers, spinach and other effects better!

  3. Meat

  Eggs, chicken, beef and mutton, as well as animal offal (chicken liver, liver, etc.).

  Special recommendation: chicken liver. Chicken heparin to have the title of folic acid champion, just eat 50g of chicken liver, you can get 586.1 micrograms of folic acid. In addition, chicken liver also has the effect of eyesight skin care, suitable for mothers who eat.

  4. Fruits (guaranteed fresh)

  Including some delicious like grapes and lemons, appetizers of bayberry, as well as Runchang bananas and so on.

  5. Oil and grease

  Nuts, such as walnut oil.