※ Magnafolate® enjoy a high purity. 

We can make purer L-5-MTHF Ca with a special crystallization process,which can distinguish and remove the harmful impurity effectively. 

Further, well achieve a safer folate than other brand L-Methylfolate in the markets. 

※ Magnafolate ® is safer 

It’s been researched that the MTD (Maximum tolerance dose) of Magnafolate® is more than 15g/KG. Hence, it’s practically non-toxic which can match to nature folate well.

The maximum tolerated dose (MTD) refers to the highest dose of a radiological or pharmacological treatment that will produce the desired effect without unacceptable toxicity[1][2].

LD50( median lethal dose) refers to the amount of a toxic agent (such as a poison, virus, or radiation) that is sufficient to kill 50 percent of a population of animals usually within a certain time

Figure1: Toxicity of Magnafolate VS Other brand Folate


※ Why Magnafolate ® is safer?


Firstly, we’ve removed all the material of high toxicity like formaldehyde and borohydride, etc during our production process.

Secondly, total impurity will be controlled;

Thirdly, harmful impurity will be controlled.


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