Many people thinks L-methylfolate is same, actually, have you ever think over carefully below questions?
What is the exactly difference between Crystalline and Amorphous type?
Why scientists have been focusing on R&D for crystalline?
Why is it a rigid demand to replace amorphous products with crystalline?
Click on to find out answers by yourself.

·   First of all, let’s introduce two concepts.

· Isomers
Methylfolate can be quickly manufactured as a material that has both the 6S and 6R isomers (or L and D respectively). These are chemically referred to as chiral molecules which are a bit like your Left and Right hand (very similar but not the same). One is usually considered the “active” ingredient in a compound and the other is often considered “inactive”. It takes extra processing steps to get rid of the inactive isomer in biochemical development (this means more time, equipment, money, labor, and therefore cost). Be sure your methylfolate is 100% 6S(L) isomer only – you do NOT want the inactive 6R(D) isomer contaminating your methylfolate as it may block up any folate receptors needing the active compound and render them ineffectual.

· Methylfolate and Methylfolate salt
What our body really need is L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate(L-5-MTHF). But we can’t absorb it if eat L-5-MTHF directly, hence, scientist made it into salt form. When we eat salt L-5-MTHF, it will be dissolved into Ionic form and be absorbed by ionic channel in our body. The most popular salt form is Calcium salt. Remember, buy L-5-MTHF salt instead of L-5-MTHF.

·   Six advantages of Calcium Salt of L-5-MTHF

· 1)Calcium salt can be made to be a real stable crystalline;
· 2)Calcium salt is more easily absorbed.
· 3)Double nutrition: both methylfolate and calcium ion;
· 4)Calcium salt has around 1.5times higher free folate 89.0%-95.9%(dry basis) compared to glucosamine salt;
· 5)The calcium ion provides an appropriate solubility, which is an important factor as food and feed ingredients and for the consumer of supplements and food products. If the solubility is too low, the bioavaiability of methylfolate will be reduced. If the solubility is too high, the stability will decrease. The solubility of calcium salt in water is about 1% which could balance well both the demand of solubility and stability;
· 6)Calcium ion is suitable to all kinds of people including some special community, like diabetics and patients who are taking vanillin type coagulant.

·   Crystalline VS Generic L-methylfolate (Non-Crystalline/Amorphous molecule types)

Most of us don’t know the difference between the two, but in the biochemistry world, it makes a really BIG difference to stability which also translates into potency for an ingredient.
Crystalline salt molecules are considered extremely stable whereas amorphous salt molecules are known to be much less stable. Check out the picture below showing a representation of the structure differences. It makes it easy to see why the crystalline molecule would be more stable than the amorphous.

·   More Stability/Shelf Life

Magnafolate® shows long-lasting chemical stability, which can chemically stable for 36 months under room temperature with C crystalline structure. Because of crystalline, it can keep the same good purity and makes sure the easier storage condition during production. Stability study were researched complying with the storage condition of USP guideline.

Crystalline Type shows 3 years stable under room temperature.
While, generic L-methyfolate is not stable, the purity decreased 17.2% after putting in the open air in a dish at room temperature (86⁰ F, relative humidity 75% ±5%) for 60 days.

·   More purity and safety

And L-methylfolate will generated a kind of compound known to affect T-Cells and weaken the immune system. This same “unhealthy” compound was found in the Magnafolate® to be at only 0.27%, while up to 19.9% for Amorphous Type L-methyfolate at the end of 60 days.
This compound is:
4-(2-amino-10-methyl-4-oxo-6,7,8,9-tetrahydro-4a,7- cycloimino-pyrimido[4,5-b][1,4]diazepine-5(4H)-yl)benzoyl]-glutamate Check out the purity & impurity measurement results from the 60-day open air study that was done.

The charts showed:

Purity and impurities are a huge differentiating factor between the patented methylfolates, giving Magnafolate® quite a lead over the competition.
Magnafolate® is more stable within 3 years, while generic methylfolate without crystalline is degraded in less than one month after retesting.
Magnafolate® is the most chemically superior nutrient form of methylfolate available today.
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