Starting time Items Conclusion/Comments
    2014 Magnafolate ® VS folic acid in birth defects Magnafolate ® VS folic acid in birth defects
    2015 Toxicological study
    + Acute Toxicity
    + Subchronic toxicity
    + Chronic toxicity
    Practically nontoxic, MTD>15g/kg
    2015 Stability study (IVB zone and II zone) II zone (25±2℃&60±5%RH): 3 years
    IVB zone (30±2℃&75±5%RH): 2 years, the study is still on going
    2017 Bioavailability study 8.26% higher than glucosamine salt 14.1% higher than I crystal calcium salt.
    2017 Safety Study on impurity of JK12A JK12A had a significant inhibitory effect on T cells
    2020 Modified mouse gene and get mouse model of C667T gene mutation sucessfully. It's the one and only in the world. The rat with C667T gene mutation would be a great help to study the effect on folate metabolism disorder population.
    2021 Jinkang will work with the government to start the clinical study of 15mg Magnafolate for depression.
    Jinkang will start a clinical study of 400ug Magnafolate in pregancy
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