Premix Magnafolate®

Provide customized service in the field of dairy

    Premix Magnafolate® is a new product launched by our company in 2021. We can provide you with customized premix services, including 1% Magnafolate, 10% Magnafolate, etc.

    In this way, we can fully meet your production needs for finished products such as tablets, capsules, gummy, and milk powder, etc. On the one hand, it makes easier to match your needs; on the other hand, it also helps you save costs better.

    Custom Nutrient Premixes
    We combine the highest quality ingredients to create custom premixes that achieve optimal nutritional, functional and operational performance. Our collaborative R&D and innovation teams can help develop custom formulas for your specific applications.
    Our quality ingredients, allow us to deliver the superior premix solutions that add support, simplicity, savings and security to your product development.

    Offering Result-Driven Services:
    · Experienced R&D and innovation team ready to assist in the development of your custom formulation
    · Responsive sample, quote and specification turnaround
    · Extensive industry market intelligence and experience to assist with product development
    · Support from multiple functions including operations and production to ensure our premix is best designed for your manufacturing practices

    Reducing Your Costs:
    · Reduce expenses associated with sourcing and qualifying several ingredients
    · Lower testing costs for one incoming product vs. several
    · Lower freight charges for one incoming product vs. several
    · Eliminate costs related to holding up production while waiting on material

    Increasing Your Efficiencies:
    · Addition of a single ingredient into your production line
    · Maximizing your warehouse space.
    · Ability to customize packaging to your requirements
    · Production facility accessible during trials
    · Smaller volume commitments offered

    Reducing Your Risk:
    · Experienced full-service in-house lab
    · Redundant suppliers to ensure material availability and cost competitiveness
    · Barcode-based quality controls and fully integrated quality management system

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    Group Recommend Dosage Per Day
    Adults 400ug
    Pregnancy 600-800ug
    Mood Health 15mg
    Cognitive Improvement 1mg
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