·   Patent protected

    First of all, a company is willing to apply for a patent for the company's ingredient, indicating that they have 100% confidence in the quality and performance of and wants to sell it on the market for a long time.

    Secondly, They will also have been through rigorous testing, studies and registration paperwork with the powers that be in order to show that their ingredient is one of the best in the market and that it has unique properties that they can prove. However, most companies that aren’t working hard to protect their ingredient which don’t have anything special or unique in their compound and likely have not invested in the testing, safety, research or efficacy of it.

    Finally, it won’t happen that you lose contact with your vendor. As some manufacturers make a quick buck with a copy-cat version, such as armphous forms that may be full of impurities, inactive compounds, instability, lower potency, etc. And they will not test for the related compounds which come from a ingredient’s degradation–or even know what related compounds they should be concerned about.

    In a word, choose a patented protected Magnafolate® is your best choice in terms of your consumers safety or keeping your brand value, epecially for prenatal and maternal, which is essential for health, we don’t need to risk.

    Magnafolate is the only L-5-MTHF Ca under patent protected for crystalline form all over the world.

    Jinkang Pharma solved the Global Difficulty by making L-methylfolate into C Crystalline form & Calcium salt in 2012. An enormous milestone in folate field.
    So far, Magnafolate® become the only one manufacturer in the world who has crystalline calcium patent, 61 patents covers China, US, EU, AU, etc...

    Magnafolate® is the only L-5-MTHF Ca can be stable at IVB zone.

    Under the condition of 30±2%℃&75±5% RH (IVB zone) with 24 months stability data support, the study is still on going.

    Magnafolate® is the only L-5-MTHF Ca owning the legal production license in China.

    Annual Capacity is 30MT

    ·   Can be absorbed directly, no metabolism, applied for all people

    Good absorbtion is very important for the application of dietary supplements, nutritional supplements, food ingredient,etc. Magnafolate® with the significant advantage of small molecules C crystalline, which could cross cells smoothly and be absorbed easily. It can reach dissolution equilibrium quickly.

    ·   The most stable, purest and safest on the planet

    Most stable

    Magnafolate® has the longest shelf lifetime, while others methylfolate always 12-24months and not stable in IVB zone.

    36 months stable at II zone (25±2℃ & 60±5%RH)
    24 months stable at IVB zone (30 ± 2℃ & 75 ± 5%RH)


    What does purity mean?

    This simply means the percentage of the ingredient which is made up of only the 6S or L isomer. In this case 98-99% of the ingredient is made up of the calcium salt molecule that the (6S) isomer of 5-MTHF is bound to (meaning it does not have any of the 6R or D inactive isomer content in the raw ingredient). In the body, this means that when you ingest the Magnafolate® ingredient, the calcium salt, water and impurities all dissolve and only about 78% of the total raw ingredient is the active (6S) isomer that’s available for the body to absorb. This process is called “first pass metabolism” or “first pass absorption.”

    Magnafolate® actually measures out at a whopping ~78% “free methylfolate” absorption rate. This means that 1 mg of raw Magnafolate® PRO equals approximately 0.78 mg of the active (6S)-5-MTHF (bioactive “free methylfolate”) that can be absorbed by your body, indicating its superior purity and potency than others L-methylfolates.

    Magnafolate®--Highest content L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate can up to 90%


    Jinkang controls all potential risky impurity into the smallest assay by a special technology and avoid using some high toxcity raw material ,for example formaldehyde & borohydride, during the production process.

    Magnafolate® measures more potent than any other methylfolate on the market today. One reason is its impurities are almost non-existent. They calculate out to about 0.2-0.3% up against the same USP standard which says the nutrient should not have more than 2.5% total impurities. Magnafolate® PRO measures 3x more pure than the other patented methylfolates and any methylfolate it’s been compared against.

    Magnafolate C® meets USP standard
    · Total impurity ≤2.5%
    · Hg content ≤ 1.5ppm

    Magnafolate PRO® exceeds USP standard
    · Total impurity ≤1%
    · Hg content ≤ 0.1ppm
    · JK12A ≤ 0.1% (A potential harmful impurity)
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