Folate deficiency Symptoms, causes and methods

Folate deficiency can cause a wide range of symptoms. 

These may include:

  1. muscle weakness;
  2. problems with judgment, memory, and understanding;
  3. fatigue;
  4. paresthesia, or pins and needles;
  5. a red, sore tongue;
  6. ulcers in the mouth;
  7. vision problems;
  8. depression and confusion;
Because folate deficiencies usually occur alongside other nutritional deficiencies, such as B12 or iron deficiency, people may also have symptoms of these other conditions.

Most people in the United States get enough folate, but some are more at risk of not getting enough. These include Trusted Source people with:

alcohol use disorder;
a mutation in the MTHFR gene, which impairs the conversion of folate into its active form so the body can use it;
conditions that interfere with nutrient absorption, such as inflammatory bowel disease or celiac disease;
eating disorders;
Folate deficiency is more commonTrusted Source among females, affecting around 19% of female adolescents ages 14–19 years and 17% of female adults ages 19–30 years. 
Folate deficiency Symptoms
But for some people, it's not enough to supplement folate only through food or folate.
You need calcium l-methyltetrahydrofolate, the form of folate that can be absorbed directly by the body.

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