L-Methylfolate ingredient

What is Magnafolate® ? 

Magnafolate® is the unique patent protected C crystalline L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium salt ingredient (L-5-MTHF Ca) which can get the purest and most stable bio-active folate.

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Technical features 

Magnafolate® VS folic acid 
· Safer 
· Suitable for all kinds of people including MTHFR gene mutation. 
· Higher bioavailability 
· No need metabolism, can be absorbed directly 

Magnafolate® VS generic L-methylfolate

· More stable 

· Safer 

· More suitable solubility 

Exclusive advantages

Magnafolate®  is the most stable L-methylfolate ingredient on the planet.
It has 48 times longer shelf life compared to the generic L-methylfolate (also called amorphous or non-crystalline type). 
Climatic zone Condition Stability
II 25±2℃&60±5%RH 4 years
IVB 30±2℃&75±5%RH 4 years 

Note: Magnafolate®  is the only type of L-methylfolate ingredient can be stable at IVB zone. 

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Product type

Two grades of Magnafolate are available,namely Magnafolate C and Magnafolate Pro.
The Magnafolate C is the basic variant meeting all the current standards.
The Magnafolate Pro is an upgraded version of the Magnafolate C.The Pro-grade is above all current standards and characterized by its higher purity and its outstanding safety.


· Magnafolate® was approved as a New Dietary Ingredients by FDA in 2016.
· GRAS Self-Affirmed 
· Food grade , produced according to ISO22000 
· Drug grade, produced according to cGMP 
· Kosher and Halal certificated, etc..
· It’s protected by 80 patents all over the world until now

Quality standard

· Latest USP 

Quality & Grade

Our unsurpassed commitment to quality and purity has set the highest standards in our industry.
Our products meet the requirements of both food grade and pharmaceutical grade.

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